About Us

Pakistan has a raging young population, and fashion sits at the heart of our youth. Most traditional brands have made stylish clothing way too expensive for humble buyers.

With the urban population rising, more of your youth are turning to modern clothing instead of traditional attire. Most of us need a variety to our daily wear, such as what we wear to work or university every day. That is where we saw the gap!

With more than a decade of experience in the clothing industry, We started Lefteez with the idea of making affordable yet modern clothing available to everyone in Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the largest garments exporters in the world. Our country supplies high-quality apparel to the world, yet ironically, most local customers can not afford quality clothes. Most exporters produce very high-quality garments, but their costs are high.

We purchase high-quality leftover products directly from manufacturers to achieve a lower cost. We reduce our costs by avoiding agents, dealers, and wholesalers and pass over the savings to our customers.

Lefteez’s journey began by selling export leftover jeans, but today our collection includes Shirts, T-shirts, Trousers, Chinos, Polo shirts and Shorts.

For a better customer experience, we offer hassle-free returns and exchange policy, and customers are also welcome to visit our outlet in Karachi.