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High-quality polo shirts are not unaffordable anymore. With Lefteez bringing some of the best prices in Pakistan starting from Rs.999/- you can now style yourself with branded polo shirts without breaking your bank. Our collection features export quality leftover and fresh stock from top western brands. Our garments’ fabric, buttons, accessories, and stitching are of international standard, ensuring high-grade, durable merchandise. Check out our collection below.

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Polo Shirts for Men Online Sale in Pakistan

Are you looking for some chic outfits to update your wardrobe for summer? Lefteez is the right place to be! Lefteez brings you yet another stylish collection of good-quality clothing at the most affordable prices.

Kick start your summer with the perfect collection of Polo shirts at your disposal. With export leftover clothing purchased directly from clothing manufacturers in Pakistan, lefteez is emerging as a customer favourite brand.

Polo shirts are no more a thing of the past. They are making a huge comeback in today's fashion world as men are getting more aware of this versatile piece of clothing. Consequently, it is becoming a staple in men's clothing worldwide. It is no secret that a good polo shirt can amp up your outfit effortlessly.

What is a polo shirt?

A Polo shirt is a form of shirt with a collar and buttons. Some also have a breast pocket. Polo shirts are usually short-sleeved; however, some come with long sleeves. Other names for a Polo include a tennis shirt, golf shirt or chukker shirt.

Depending on how you style it, a polo shirt is bound to elevate your outfit. Given its versatility, you can style it with any jeans. It is incredible for casual occasions such as a family dinner or a friend's night out.

Or if you are going for a more modest look, try pairing it with trousers or shorts. Nonetheless, a polo shirt is your go-to if you want to stay comfortable while looking ravishing at the same time!

Why choose Lefteez for Export Leftover Polos?

Lefteez has a wide variety of polo shirts that you can choose from. We offer some of the best prices starting at just Rs. 999/-.

Numerous brands offer polo shirts of average quality at quite a fortune. While at Lefteez, it's all about affordability with no compromise on quality. Now you get to wear top-notch brands at a quarter of the price!

For all the men with a pleasant sense of fashion, Lefteez has something great in store for you! The fabric or material of these polo shirts is mostly cotton. Lefteez offers multiple designs to keep you satisfied. Therefore, not only do you look good, but you feel great too.

Here are some of the styles of Polo Shirts you will find at Lefteez:

While all polo shirts have similar designs, their patterns and colours make a huge difference. They come in a variety of colours. Dark colours are the perfect choice for something more elegant and classy.

While light, breezy colours are great to make you feel fresh and well-dressed at the same time and are great for daytime events.

You will find fascinating pieces of embroidered polo shirts at Lefteez. The embroidery is what elevates the look of a polo shirt!

There are some colour-block patterns, also called cut & sew style, that you will see on some of the polos, while some are one-coloured. 

Pony, Horse & Moose Embroidery.

These are some of the most desired embroidery styles for polo shirts. Lefteez understands what customers require; therefore, we feature a unique collection of branded polo shirts at an affordable price.

The wait is over! Head over to lefteez and stock up on your favourite shirts to keep you covered for the season's scorching heat and humidity. Not to forget, you can order yours within the comforts of your home. It's the best of both worlds!

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